Former Cambridge Monk Makes Us All Look Bad, Gives Away Most of his Powerball Winnings

Let’s be honest: Most people, if they won a $259.8 million payday from the lottery, would find more ways to spend the dough than Richard Pryor in “Brewster’s Millions.’’ But former Cambridge monk and current Tennessee resident Ray Cockrum decided to be all saintly and give most of his Powerball winnings to charity.

The Boston Globe reports:

He was a brother at the Society of Saint John the Evangelist in Cambridge from 2003 to 2008, monastery staff said. “Roy shared in our life and ministry,’’ Geoffrey Tristram, the monastery’s superior, said in a prepared statement. “He was a fine brother. He left to care for his parents.’’

Cockrum hasn’t said just how much he’s giving to charity, but his after-taxes lump sum take home is $115,147,525.50. And yes, that total really does include 50 cents.

Click here to read the full Boston Globe story.


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