Sorry Bostonians, You Can’t Get New York’s Exclusive Faux-Credit Card

The exclusive Magnises card is a New York City exclusive
The exclusive Magnises card is a New York City exclusive –Screenshot via

Today in Be Thankful You Don’t Live in New York City news, the exclusive Magnises credit card that has garnered VIP status among New York millennials has “no finalized plans’’ to expand to other cities, a Magnises representative confirmed to

The Magnises card, highlighted by the New York Post over the weekend, is a sleek-looking matte black credit card that is awarded to people deemed cool enough to join their exclusive club, as judged by the company’s employees and advisors. “A Hunk of Metal, a Chunk of Clout,’’ as the New York Times described the card.


The application process is a sort-of Greek rush but for credit cards, with questions like “What do you like to do for fun in NYC?’’ and “What are your favorite restaurants in NYC?’’ Popular, social-climbing applicants know to put trendy activities or restaurants on their application to gain access to the group of VIP card-owners.

That NYC focus, though, means that those outside of New York don’t yet have the ability to prove their social bona fides, and Magnises has no firm plans yet to come to Boston or any other major cities.

“We are working on expanding to new cities but have no finalized plans to do so,’’ Janie Penney of Magnises emailed to “We keep you [sic] in mind if we decide to move to Boston.’’

Of course, hopeful applicants can still apply for the card while fibbing knowledge of New York City’s socialite scene. But if you can’t tell the difference between The Jane Hotel and Hotel Chantelle, a relegation to the Magnises waiting list will likely be in the cards.

Not that Bostonians will be missing out on any new credit card companies; the Magnises card itself isn’t a line of credit, but simply transfers the data of a regular credit or debit card onto it. Magnises stores that information but is otherwise identical to a normal card, save for the black color and metal body.

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