What’s the Biggest Company in Your State?

A map depicting the largest company by revenue in every US state.
A map depicting the largest company by revenue in every US state. –BROADVIEW NETWORKS

We know Microsoft’s headquarters are in Washington, and Google is based in California. But did you know these tech giants aren’t even close to being the largest companies in their home states?

A new map created by the telecommunications company Broadview Networks shows us each state’s biggest corporation by annual revenue.

In Massachusetts, the insurance company Liberty Mutual takes the cake. Based in Boston, Liberty Mutual brings in a respectable $38.5 billion in revenue each year.

It’s important to note off the bat that the map’s findings are not simply a list of the largest companies in the United States. That ranking can be found here, the Fortune 500.


This explains why you won’t see some powerful companies like Apple on the list. Even though Apple is the fifth largest company in the nation, Chevron beat out the tech company for the California seat.

Some states have really drawn the short end of the stick when it comes to attracting major corporations. At the bottom of the list is Montana, whose largest company, Stillwater Mining, has only $1.03 billion in annual revenue. Compare that to Arkansas, where Wal-Mart brings in $476.29 billion per year.

Broadview decided not to include data for any subsidiaries, government entities, branches, or foreign offices of non-American companies in the map. So if you’re shocked not to see Shell (Netherlands) or Toyota (Japan) on the list, that’s why.

Are you surprised by what the largest company is in your state?

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