Uber Driver Takes Passengers on Hell Ride Through DC

Ryan Simonetti told the Washington Post that he’s “a die-hard Uber fan.’’ It looks like a company driver tested that claim on Monday.

According to the Post, Simonetti said he was with two colleagues when they decided to use Uber to get to a meeting. The three noticed the driver was engaged with a DC taxi inspector, but got into the car anyway. When the car started rolling, the inspector turned on his cruiser’s lights and started to follow the Uber car.

From the Post:

“That cop’s following you. What’s going on?’’ Simonetti said he asked the driver. He said the driver told him not to worry. “Oh no, he’s not a real cop,’’ the Uber driver replied. And then Simonetti said the driver then told them: “I’m sorry, we’re going to have to run this red light.’’

Then Simonetti said, the Uber driver headed for the 9th Street tunnel, got on I-395 and proceeded to race down the highway going, “. . . well above the speed limit.’’

It gets crazier from there. Click here to read the full Washington Post story.


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