Man Allegedly Posed as TSA Screener to Pat Down Women at San Francisco Airport

The TSA screening entrance at Logan Airport. –The Boston Globe

A man was arrested for public drunkenness on Tuesday after he allegedly posed as a Transportation Security Administration screener at San Francisco International Airport and directed women to a private area for pat downs. Security staff reportedly stopped him after they realized two women were searched by the 53-year-old without a required female guard present.

“Airport law enforcement sources tell us the incident started when the man entered the security area wearing khaki pants, a blue polo shirt and blue rubber gloves — an outfit that might have been mistaken for those worn by screeners with the private Covenant security firm,’’ reported The San Francisco Gate. “Authorities are investigating whether the man should be booked on other counts, such as false imprisonment.’’


What happened in the private screening booths is unknown since both women left the area following the incident, reportedly to catch their flights. The San Francisco man, whose name has not been released, was only charged with public drunkenness, but could face further charges if investigators are able to locate the alleged victims.

Neither TSA nor the private security company could be reached for comment.

It remains unclear who is in charge of monitoring screeners at the airport. “They will be [investigating] this for a week,’’ an anonymous official told The Gate. “Someone has to pay for this.’’

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