SUV with Baby in Back Seat Flips in NYC

A grandfather driving with four members of his family suffered a heart attack and crashed and rolled their SUV in Queens, New York authorities said. A one-year-old and 10-year-old were among those injured in the wreck, and the 45-year-old grandfather was pronounced dead soon after.

With his wife, daughter, and two grandchildren sitting as passengers, the driver reportedly flipped after hitting a sidewalk fire hydrant in Astoria. 6 people were injured in the crash in all.

Pictures from the scene showed the SUV’s destruction.

The New York Post spoke with a witness nearby, who painted a disturbing image. “The little boy, the baby, with braids, he crawled out himself,’’ she said. “[The man who found him] was trying rock him, calm him down. But the baby kept screaming.’’

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