Scrabble Adds Several Obnoxious Words to its Dictionary

Scrabble is adding over 5,000 new words (and 40 extra pages) to its official dictionary. If you are a mature adult, you probably won’t like some of them.

Yes, starting August 11, when the fifth edition of the dictionary is released, millennial-friendly “words’’ like “chillax,’’ “frenemy,’’ “bromance,’’ “hashtag,’’ and Oxford’s 2013 word of the year, “selfie,’’ will be legally playable, sure to either enhance (or, more likely, ruin) your Scrabble experience.

Also: “qajaq,’’ which originated in Greenland and means kayak. No, there aren’t two Q tiles in Scrabble. If you’re determined to play the word, you’ll have to use a blank tile. On the plus side, this will double the chance you’ll be able to play another new word: “quinzhee,’’ which is a shelter dug out of snow (a.k.a. a snow fort).


Another addition is geocache, which was voted into the dictionary over words like “booyah,’’ “retweet,’’ ew,’’ and “zen.’’ Yes, that’s right: you can play “dubstep’’ but not “zen.’’ And, of course, there’s “za,’’ which was added in the fourth edition of the Scrabble dictionary and might just be the most obnoxious Scrabble word of all (but so very useful).

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