Yahoo News Twitter Account Hacked; Falsely Reports ‘Ebola Outbreak’ in US

An “unauthorized tweet’’ on the Yahoo News Twitter account falsely claimed that over 145 people in Atlanta had been infected in an “EBOLA OUTBREAK’’ Sunday afternoon, the news organization has confirmed.

The account quickly published a correction, which was curiously deleted and then republished shortly thereafter. For a brief period, the erroneous tweet remained online, even when the first retraction was deleted.

The origin of the apparent hack was not immediately clear.

Understandably, the false bulletin caused some panic among the account’s 815,000 followers:

Others caught on pretty quickly:

This certainly isn’t the first time a major news organization fell victim to pranksters — markets briefly dropped last year after the Associated Press’s Twitter account was hacked and falsely reported an attack on the White House that injured Pres. Barack Obama.

(Screenshot courtesy of Bryan Sears)


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