What’s A Popular Movie To Illegally Download in Mass.?

Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore in the romantic drama ’’Her.’’
Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore in the romantic drama ’’Her.’’ –COURTESY OF WARNER BROS. PICTURES

Torrenting, or downloading and sharing games, movies and TV shows (usually in violation of their copyrights), occurs throughout the United States. But the most in-demand downloads tend to vary across the nation.

Movoto Blog looked into torrenting trends and figured out which games, movies and TV shows were the most popular torrents over the last 40 days:

“Every day, millions of individuals around the United States download, seed, and share copyrighted material. In fact, for just the top 100 most popular torrents, there are well over 1 million individuals seeding or directly assisting in the distribution of popular, copyrighted material every day.’’

Just make sure you take the data with a grain of salt. According to The Washington Post: “while Movoto looked at a lot of data, the findings are not scientific. (In other words, these maps are just for fun.)’’

With that in mind, here’s what Movoto says Bay Staters are torrenting:


– Game: Watch Dogs

– Movie: Her

– TV show: Penny Dreadful

See what the most popular downloads were in other states here.

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