Chickens Blamed for Delaware Chicken Truck Crash

Dover Police Department
Dover Police Department

Between the “cranberry sludge’’ spill on I-95 this morning and this, we have the makings of a nice chicken dinner on America’s roadways.

A tractor-trailer carrying an unknown number of live chickens overturned early this morning on Route 13 in Delaware, spilling chickens everywhere and delaying traffic for several hours.

It was quite a scene:

No injuries were reported in the crash, but it is unknown if that tally is just for humans or if it includes the chickens. According to The News Journal, Dover Police believe the crash was caused when the truck’s cargo “shifted,’’ which would indicate that the chickens themselves somehow caused the crash. A jailbreak, perhaps?

There was no word on how many chickens escaped in the chaos, nor if they did so by crossing the road to get to the other side.


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