Watch Girls Dressed as Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Equality—They’re Awesome

As a father of two little girls, ages nearly 6 and just-turned-2, I’m always watching what I say, because I know they’ll repeat it back to me. It’s not even swearing I’m worried about—there are other words we don’t want them ever to use, like “hate’’ and “stupid.’’ In fact, I’d rather have them break out the seriously salty language—especially if, as with the awesome girls in this video, they’re doing it for a just cause:

Offended yet? You should be—by the inequities women face in America today: less pay than men for the same work, the constant threat of sexual harassment and assault, and the ubiquitous pressure to conform to the pretty-princess model. (Seriously, my eldest daughter just one day became a princess fan, without my wife or I pushing her in that direction. What gives, society?) Do I want that to remain the case for my kids as they grow up? Nope. Do I mind if my girls have to dip into George Carlin’s seven words you can’t say on TV to make that happen? Hell no.


The video was produced by, a T-shirt company with an activist social mission. They’re also, it should be noted, a for-profit endeavor, so they’re making a buck off this campaign. Let’s hope that buck is shared equally.

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