Reason No. 12,493 Not to Live in NYC: Goat Heads Hanging from Traffic Lights

Do not pity New Yorkers.

Just last week, hundreds of them complained all across Twitter when an enormous drill almost killed them on an F train. Oh, boo hoo, the giant death drill is out to get you.

Well, maybe the death drill had a reason: All the dead animal heads you people hang on your traffic lights. Seriously, look at this.

[fragment number=0]

Our resident New Yorker informed us that goat heads aren’t actually all that unusual. You can find them on the menu at more than a few restaurants in your city. But what in the world are they doing on the traffic lights? They’re of no use to anyone just hanging up there. We don’t know what message you’re trying to send by dangling them over everyone, but it seems a little psychotic, not to mention wasteful. A city that lets this kind of thing happen doesn’t deserve our sympathy.



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