Twitter Users Review Dunkin’s New “Croissant Donut’’

The Dunkin’ “Croissant Donut.’’ NOT to be confused with the “Cronut.’’
The Dunkin’ “Croissant Donut.’’ NOT to be confused with the “Cronut.’’ –Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The “Croissant Donut,’’ Dunkin’ Donuts’ new limited-edition pastry that looks very much like a Cronut™ (the croissant-doughnut hybrid that was created at New York City’s Dominique Ansel Bakery in 2013 and subsequently took over the world) but is certainly not a Cronut, hit stores on Monday promising to be “DDelicious.’’ tried to get a hold of some Croissant Donuts for scientific reasons but, sadly, the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts location was sold out of the confection.

Thanks to Instagram user @internetryan, who, in all his benevolence, gifted us with this video of the unboxing (and quick re-boxing) of the Croissant Donut, our expectations were high:


Twitter user @eddyfamily02 pretty much summed it up:

For some people, those high expectations were met:

Twitter user @Jflo319 even had hearts in her eyes:

The Croissant Donut seems to have put @_Twinifer in pain…but in a good way:

@justine_fritz gave it a solid B+ on taste:

And someone thought it was “pretty good’’:

Beyond the sugar rush, a few tasters had some questions about Dunkin’s latest confection, like:

Is the Croissant Donut perhaps … overvalued?

What is the proper ratio of that value to the Croissant Donut’s yumminess?

Is it really a Croissant Donut, or just a glorified, multi-layered glazed donut?

Or is it a “Dossant?’’ (It’s definitely not a Cronut, of course):

And some were underwhelmed:

Even going so far as to say DD “botched’’ it:

Not too shabby, Dunkin’. Though some didn’t think the Croissant Donut lived up to its hype, it seems that, overall, it’s pretty good for a not-Cronut.

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