Hallmark Pulls the Worst Possible Hanukkah Wrapping Paper From Stores

There’s really no good place to accidentally draw a bunch of swastikas, but Hanukkah wrapping paper may be the worst.

But that’s exactly what happened. A California woman was browsing her local drug store’s Hanukkah display when she noticed a roll of Hallmark brand wrapping paper with a truly unfortunate design. Look closely:

At first, they’re hard to spot. But once you see them, it’s impossible not to. And they are everywhere.

Cheryl Shapiro said she “panicked’’ when she first noticed the emblem of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party, which was responsible for the death of 6 million Jewish people during WWII.


A Hallmark spokesperson told the AP that the paper “wasn’t specifically Hanukkah themed,’’ which doesn’t really make this any better. But the company did apologize for the “oversight’’ and told retailers to pull the paper from their shelves soon after finding out that it was full of swastikas.

Hanukkah begins the night of December 16, which gives you six more days to find wrapping paper free of what has become a universal symbol of anti-Semitism.

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