Bartender’s Threat Against John Boehner Thwarted

House Speaker John Boehner with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.
House Speaker John Boehner with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. –AP

Last night, an opinion piece was published on that has since been adjusted to what you’ll see below. The original column made references to Speaker Boehner that were off-color and completely inappropriate. It reflected the opinions of one of our writers; what it did not reflect, by any standards, were the site’s collective values. Rather than remove any reference to it or pretend it didn’t happen, we are handling with transparency and self-awareness. We are sorry, and we will do better. –Corey Gottlieb, General Manager,

The FBI says an Ohio bartender planned to kill House Speaker John Boehner last October by poisoning his drink at a country club.


Stories about Boehner’s drinking have circulated for years. His drinking inspired a blog called DrunkBoehner, and in 2010 he brought booze back to Washington.

Luckily for Boehner and his supporters, Bartender Michael Robert Hoyt’s plan to poison him never came to pass. Hoyt – known as “Bartender Mike’’ – served Boehner drinks for five years at the Wetherington Country Club in West Chester, Ohio. Reports say Hoyt had been treated for a psychotic episode and stopped taking his prescribed medication. ABC News reports that Hoyt was indicted Jan. 7 on charges of threatening to murder Boehner after Hoyt was dismissed from his job. Hoyt allegedly commented on a 911 call that he was fired before he got the chance to “put something in John Boehner’s drink.’’

Hoyt claimed to be Jesus Christ and said he targeted Boehner because the Speaker was mean to him at the country club and is responsible for Ebola.

“Speaker Boehner is aware of this situation, and sincerely thanks the FBI, the Capitol Police, and local authorities in Ohio for their efforts,’’ Boehner spokesperson Michael Steel said in a statement.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article made an unsubstantiated reference to the health of Speaker Boehner.

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