Tweeted Bomb Threats Sent for ‘The Lulz’

Authorities continue to investigate bomb threats issued against two flights en route to an Atlanta airport by what now appears to be an Internet troll.

The person or persons behind the now suspended @KingZortic Twitter account sent tweets to Delta and Southwest Airlines customer service handles reporting bombs were on-board one of their flights.

“If anything happens to me I’ll make sure that more flights are targeted,’’ one tweet to Delta Airlines read. “I strongly suggest you don’t try anything stupid.’’

When asked why they made the threats against the airliners, the account replied simply “for the lulz.’’


The two flights — one from Milwaukee and another from Portland, Oregon — were searched by bomb dogs upon arrival. No explosives were found.

The threats also prompted two F-16 fighter jets to scramble from a South Carolina air base to escort the plane to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

‘‘We certainly take these types of threats seriously and we’re pursuing them aggressively,’’ FBI agent Stephen Emmett told the AP a day after the threats were made.‘‘ We are continuing to pursue leads in the efforts to locate this individual.’’

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes that unfounded bomb threats were also recently issued against Delta flights heading to Raleigh and Tel Aviv.

Though the original tweets are now deleted, you can read the exchanges in the Storify below:

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