Here are President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s statements on same-sex marriage

They said ‘Yes!’’
They said ‘Yes!’’ –AP

In a speech soon after the Supreme Court decision, President Obama declared, “love is love.’’ Hillary Clinton released a statement saying that the ruling affirms the commnitment of couples across the country. You can see both reactions below, and we’ll update this story with statements from other same-sex marriage supporters as the day goes on. You can find negative reactions to the verdict here.

Watch Obama’s speech:

He also tweeted this:

Hillary Clinton gave this statement:

“Along with millions of Americans, I am celebrating today’s landmark victory for marriage equality, and the generations of advocates and activists who fought to make it possible. From Stonewall to the Supreme Court, the courage and determination of the LGBT community has changed hearts and changed laws.


“This ruling is an affirmation of the commitment of couples across the country who love one another. It reflects the will of the vast and growing multitude of Americans who believe that LGBT couples deserve to be recognized under the law and treated equally in the eyes of society. And it represents our country at its best: inclusive, open, and striving towards true equality. But we know that the struggle for LGBT rights doesn’t end with today’s triumph.

“As love and joy flood our streets today, it is hard to imagine how anyone could deny the full protection of our laws to any of our fellow Americans—but there are those who would. So while we celebrate the progress won today, we must stand firm in our conviction to keep moving forward.

“For too many LGBT Americans who are subjected to discriminatory laws, true equality is still just out of reach. While we celebrate today, our work won’t be finished until every American can not only marry, but live, work, pray, learn and raise a family free from discrimination and prejudice. We cannot settle for anything less.’’

She also sent these tweets:

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh released this statement:


“I am deeply moved by the news that the U.S. Supreme Court has made marriage equality the law of the land. This decision marks a milestone on our nation’s journey to become a more perfect union.

“I honor Jim Obergefell and all the plaintiffs and advocates who fought not only for their own rights but for the rights of all Americans to marry the person they love and enjoy equal protection under the law. I think especially of the courageous Bostonians who shared their stories with me in the early days of our struggle for Massachusetts’ pioneering marriage law.

“We’ve watched together with pride as our example spread across the nation and around the world. It brings Boston great joy to know that every American and every American community will experience this equality. It is a victory for democracy, for family, for community and for love.’’

Reactions to the Supreme Court decision in photos:

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