Bernie Sanders won the GOP debate — on Twitter

As 10 Republican presidential hopefuls wrestled in the mud that was the first GOP primary debate in Cleveland, one candidate kept clear of the scrum and took his shots from outside Quicken Loans Arena.

Bernie Sanders, who has emerged as a clear challenger to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, began by asking if Fox News would ask about Citizens United, climate change, or health care.

However, within 25 minutes he realized that was not the direction this debate was headed.

Except it was a commercial.

The self-described democratic socialist perhaps surprisingly found solidarity with some of the Republican candidates.

With Rand Paul on domestic surveillance:


And even with Trump on health care:

He didn’t hold back on other candidates though.


With more than a tinge of sarcasm directed at Scott Walker.

And the Republican field overall.

While the debate itself entertained, Sanders became increasingly displeased with what he took away.

If it’s any consolation Bernie, you’ll get a shot on stage as well… but not until October.

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