These satellite photos show the magnitude of power outages in Puerto Rico

Two satellite images of Puerto Rico and nearby islands, before and after Hurricane Maria. —NOAA via Twitter

Satellite images published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provide another perspective on the devastation in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Last week, the Associated Press reported that parts of Puerto Rico would be without power for weeks, if not months, after the island’s entire power grid was knocked out by the storm.

The satellite images, from July 24 and September 25, show lights in Puerto Rico and nearby St. Thomas, Tortola, and Saint Croix as seen from space at night. (NOAA corrected the date of the second image in a second tweet.)

On all four islands visible light has dramatically decreased since the storm, with Saint Croix disappearing entirely. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has opened an air bridge with Puerto Rico, sending multiple military planes with food, water, generators, and temporary shelters every day, the AP reported.


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