These were the most popular baby names of 2018 in every New England state

The Social Security Administration recently released the list of names.

New England added many more Benjamins, Emmas, Olivers, and Olivias in 2018.

The Social Security Administration recently released its list of last year’s most popular baby names.

Here were the most popular names in each New England state:

  • Massachusetts: Emma and Benjamin
  • New Hampshire: Olivia and Oliver
  • Vermont: Harper and Oliver
  • Maine: Charlotte and Oliver
  • Rhode Island: Amelia and Liam
  • Connecticut: Olivia and Noah

In Massachusetts, Emma and Benjamin were followed by Olivia and Liam, and Charlotte and James.

Nationally, Liam and Emma were once again the most popular baby names. 2018 was the fifth consecutive year for Emma and the second time Liam landed atop the list.

Information in the report came from Social Security Card application data, according to the administration.


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