What Could Make You Listen to ‘Happy’ One More Time? How About 12 Puppies Playing in the Ocean

Screenshot from Robert Dollwet’s “Happy Dogs in Australia.’’
Screenshot from Robert Dollwet’s “Happy Dogs in Australia.’’ –Screenshot

Congratulations, Pharrell Williams, on having the song of the year with ‘Happy,’’ your relentlessly upbeat ditty that is sure to go down as this generation’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.’’ But honestly, even you must be sick of hearing the blessed thing being played 30 times a day on the radio.

So if you’re sitting at home in your gigantic hat, Pharrell, lamenting the overplayed nature of your hit and wiping away your tears with $100 bills, don’t fret. There’s still one way to listen to “Happy’’ and feel the joy it once brought to your heart.

Add a dozen dogs and a water-loving cat frolicking on an Australian beach.


Aussie dog trainer Robert Dollwet shot some fantastic video of a dozen or so pups going bananas on an Australian dog beach. He also brought rescue cat Didga along for the trip. Add a GoPro camera to the mix and you’ve got a happiness-inducing video for your beloved but played-out hit.

(H/T Laughing Squid)

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