Calif. Teen Nails Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ Dance Routine

Welcome to the best thing you’ll watch today.

The scene: A high school in California where a bunch of students in arguably the most awkward stage of their life are trying desperately to impress their friends in a school-wide talent show. It’s going pretty well for most of the entrants, but then our hero enters. He’s in full Michael Jackson costume and steps to the mic as ‘Billie Jean’ comes on. It’s a lip sync, but the following minute and 55 seconds are a pure demonstration of how to wipe the floor with the competition.

This kid destroys a complex and challenging dance routine like it’s nothing. He does it under pressure and in front of his classmates. And, yes, he pulls off the moonwalk perfectly.


So go ahead and click play on the video above, fast forward to 1:11, sit back, and take in the glory that is this kid’s moves. Repeat three times because it’s totally worth it.


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