Your Dog Looks Terrifying, Hilarious Underwater

One of Seth Casteel’s many photos he takes of dogs underwater.
One of Seth Casteel’s many photos he takes of dogs underwater. –SCREENSHOT/ TWITTER

What’s cuter than puppy photos? Puppy photos underwater.

Seth Casteel, lifestyle pet photographer and animal activist, is known as the “underwater dog guy,’’ according to his Instagram account.

He has already published two books, Underwater Dogs and Underwater Dogs: Kids Edition, and his has a third on the way, Underwater Puppies, which you can pre-order on Barnes and Noble.

Here are some gems from Casteel’s instagram account.

Why does Casteel do this?

According to his website, he said:

“It is one of my life’s pursuits to explore the emotion of dogs and is my belief that they have a range of emotions similar to human beings…Today, in many homes, dogs enjoy a life of luxury – sleeping in bed with us, fancy treats, the pet salon. As much as they enjoy these things, dogs have wild instincts and have a need to explore them. The water is simply one of the best ways for them to do this. Curious – Playful – Focused – Primal. All of the dogs featured in this project chose to participate of their own free will.’’


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