Have You Seen A Bear Walk Upright… In Your Backyard?

A black bear walking around a New Jersey neighborhood.
A black bear walking around a New Jersey neighborhood. –SCREENSHOT

On first glance you may think this bear walking around New Jersey is merely a character from Disney World that wandered a bit off course.

But, look again.

This appears to be a real black bear walking upright around a neighborhood.

Or, is it?

There seem to be two videos that have surfaced thus far of an alleged bear wandering around New Jersey.

Here is one:

Ian Bohman posted this video on YouTube with the caption: “This bear was seen at 5:50am on 8/4/14 in Jefferson Township, NJ.’’

The bear had a pretty typical morning, really. He/she checked out the trash, tiptoed back toward the house, took a nature walk in the woods and hung out by the shed.


If you thought this video looked shockingly like a human in a bear suit, you wouldn’t be the only one.

NJ.com asked readers if they think this is actually just a hoax.

The Daily Mail mentioned that people commented on the video saying they had seen the same thing that morning.

“Although bears are known to walk on their back legs, Mr Bohman suspects that the bear he saw was forced to move that way because of an injury,’’ The Daily Mail reported.

Then on August 5, John Leyden posted this video on his Facebook that this neighbor allegedly took:

So, if you see this bear strolling around New Jersey, think twice before going up to shake his/her hand. Or if you see a man or woman in a bear suit, please let us know.

Is this another Internext hoax or is this the most human-like bear ever?

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