Some Lynn Kids Remade the Ghostbusters Trailer, and They Nailed It

There’s something strange in Lynn’s neighborhoods. And OK, some people would argue that’s always true in Lynn, but in this case, who you gonna call?

A group of Lynn middle schoolers, working with local non-profit Raw Art Works, made a shot-by-shot remake of the original Ghostbusters trailer. The film was produced by Reel to Reel, Raw Art Works’ film program. You can watch the full Lynn GhostBOSters here:

How close did the kids get to the actual trailer? Here’s a side-by-side comparison that proves they just nailed it:

Congratulations to Emily Silva, Isaac Dreeben, Lizzy Embick, Mia Ventola, Sidney St. Ives, Taryn Osborne, Chloe Currier, Isaac Maldonado, Meghan Ayer, Jack Kelly, and Alayna D’Amico for a job incredibly well done. That wasn’t such a chore now, was it?

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