Will Drinking Monster Energy Drink Jumpstart the End Times? Nah.

Do you let your kids drink Monster energy drink?

Well! You may as well invite Satan himself to the dinner table, according to a crazy YouTube video making the rounds Sunday:

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To be clear, there’s a few — well, a ton of — things wrong with this woman’s analysis: The logo’s “M’’ actually ispartially connected and has a much longer stem than the Hebrew letter she claims they represent. More importantly, vav-vav-vav is technically not how “six hundred and sixty-six’’ is written in Hebrew.

Also, there’s no “cross’’ in the “O’’ that turns upside when you drink the can (that’s the Greek letter Phi).


But hey, if “the devil laughs’’ when we drink Monster, we may as well be in on the joke.

Messages sent to the YouTube user that uploaded the video were not immediately returned. We’ll update the post with more information about the video’s origin if it becomes available.

h/t Reddit


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