12 Things Everyone in New England Identifies With Right Now

At this point, there’s nothing left to say about this winter in Boston that hasn’t been said. There is no snowbank high enough to surprise us, no angle of a dog’s nose covered in snow that we haven’t seen, and no video of trains blowing through snow or boats making their way through downtown traffic that amaze.

But hey, at least we’re all in it together. Here are several things we can all identify with in our tired, cold, and worn-out state:

1. The permanent indent in your shin from the elastic on your high wool socks.


2. “How are you?’’

“I honestly don’t know how to answer that question.’’

3. Checking the weather to find out when it won’t be snowing.

4. Checking the MBTA website to find out when it will be running.

5. Having to make three lefts in order to turn right because our city no longer has two-way streets.

6. This:

7. And this:

8. And this:

9. These recent Google searches:

10. Not knowing you had certain muscles until the day after you shoveled for eight hours.

11. Unfollowing your friends who live in California on Instagram.

12. Making the best of things:

Thanks to reader Deborah Varat of Melrose for sending in the adorable photo above and for keeping hope alive.

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