The Boston Yeti Has a Big Announcement

–The Boston Yeti

It’s been quite a winter for Boston, with record-breaking snowfalls and tortuous T rides. But the most interesting thing to have happened all winter was the emergence of the Boston Yeti.

Not much is known about this furry, bipedal beast, except that it’s been helping Bostonians stay safe in the snowstorms.

It hasn’t been making many appearances since the weather has turned a bit warmer, but the Yeti recently got in touch with and shared the following letter about its plans for the (hopefully) flurry-free future:

Dear Boston Friends:

As spring comes gently knocking, I find myself feeling nostalgic for those blustery mornings, those frigid snow covered nights, and those smiles and handshakes you all graciously shared as I roamed the frozen streets of Boston and the surrounding neighborhoods. With one shovel, claw, and “Hello!’’ at a time, we managed to survive this unprecedented winter…together.


With this letter I wish to impart two things to you all: First, in the next 24 hours a very special announcement will be made about what the future holds for me. I urge you to keep an eye out for this.

Second, I am beginning to shift my focus from tackling the quandaries of our inclement winter weather, to helping my fellow fur-covered friends who – much like me – traipse the streets of our great communities, wishing only to instill joy in those around them. This latter project should also make it possible for you all to find your inner Yeti while simultaneously supporting an important, local cause.

Speaking of me, I know my identity has been a debated topic, with guesses and hypotheses flying every which way. To this I simply say that the Boston Yeti is all of us: From the grocer bagging your groceries, to the tailor hemming your finest slacks…Let this be the one shared memory from this record-breaking winter of 2015.

And now, with this, I wish you the happiest and warmest of springs. You deserve it.

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.’’

― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

With love,


The Boston Yeti

March 2015

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