This Illinois-based yoga studio lets you do cat pose with shelter cats

The cat cafe trend may not have taken off in the U.S., but we’ve come up with another kind feline-based fun: yoga with cats.

Last week, Illinois-based shelter Homeward Bound sent six cats to the local Yoga at Connie’s studio. Jeanette Skaluba, the shelter’s social media volunteer, had the idea after a video of a cat riding on her shoulder took off across the internet, according to Mental Floss.

“By taking the cats to something like a yoga class, people have the opportunity to see and interact with them outside the shelter,’’ Skaluba said. “It gives these cats exposure and shows their personality. I think people can envision these pets in their home easier because they’re outside the shelter.’’


June is Adopt-A-Cat month, but though the Illinois studio plans to host more Cat Yoga classes soon, there’s no known yoga studios in Boston that have joined forces with the purrfect stretching partners.

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