Lawsuit demands $40 billion from Brady, Rondo, Oasis, Prince Harry, ‘Derrick the maintenance man’ …

Tom Brady
Tom Brady –Jim Davis/Boston Globe

If you think Tom Brady’s legal troubles begin and end with DeflateGate, you’re wrong.

A West Roxbury woman has filed suit against Brady – and 88 others – alleging that the Patriots quarterback is one of many involved in a far reaching and hard-to-comprehend racketeering scheme.

And by racketeering, we mean, well, who knows. Not much about this lawsuit – filed in January 2015 and still pending in U.S. District Court – makes any sense.

There are 89 defendants, including, but not limited to, Brady, the New England Patriots, Rajon Rondo, the Boston Celtics, the Boston Housing Authority, Def Jam Records, Prince Harry, the Brockton Fire Department, Oasis, “Derrick the maintenance man,’’ the “white boy who lived up the street,’’ and “the neighbors across the hall.’’


As for Brady, the allegations are vague:

“Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. was part of the racketeering … If [Brady] … could stoop so low as to be a part of a racketeering party then there is no telling who else could possibly be involved.’’

The plaintiff is seeking a cool $40 billion in damages, which the complaint states would be “spread out between most of the defendants.’’

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