Stolen rubber duck returns to New Hampshire after bizarre 5 year, 20 country trip

Twenty countries and five years later, a globe-trotting rubber duck named “Gale Ducky” is back home in New Hampshire.

The football-sized bath toy was taken from the front lawn of the Troiano’s Hampton home five years ago, The Portsmouth Herald reports. Soon after, the family started receiving mysterious postcards from the toy named “Gale Ducky,” and was encouraged to follow its travels on a Facebook page, according to the Herald.

The page showed the rubber duck’s trips around the world, including visits to Switzerland, South Africa, Hawaii, and Iceland.

According to the Herald, the family planned to keep following the duck’s adventures online and were surprised when the rubber toy turned up in front of the family’s garage along with a suitcase full of keepsakes from its travels, including a Goofy hat from Disney World and a map of Thailand.


The Troiano family told the paper they still don’t know who took the ducky as a travel buddy.

“We’re happy the duck got to go and explore and travel,” Jennifer Troiano told the Herald.

Read the full report at the Herald

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