Consalvo unveils public safety initiative

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City Councilor Rob Consalvo, one of a dozen candidates running for Boston mayor, rolled out a comprehensive public safety plan this morning.

Among his ideas are proposals to hire an additional 200 police officers, increase the number of youth summer jobs offered by the city by 15 percent, and create a citywide registry of gun offenders.

His proposals also include an expansion in the use of public and private cameras, and the creation of a research team to explore how to prevent violence against women.

“As a father with a daughter, I understand that this stuff happening,’’ Consalvo said, referring to violent crimes committed against women. “There needs to be a specific group that is focusing on violence against women and girls.’’


Here is his full public safety plan.

Most of the candidates have released some public-safety proposals. But the plan released Thursday by Consalvo is one of the most comprehensive platform on the issue put out by any candidate so far. He had previously released a series of proposals about how technology could be better leveraged to bolster public safety.

The issue has been widely discussed in the mayor’s race, as candidates have taken to podiums and forums to address a spike in city gun violence this year.

Consalvo unveiled his public safety proposals during a conference today call with Jim Jordan, his senior public safety adviser and former director of strategic planning for the Boston Police Department.

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