For Connolly, Apple Store as campaign prop and metaphor on city services

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City Councilor John Connolly often repeats the line while on the Boston mayoral campaign trail and at candidate forums. Today, his campaign decided to drive the point home.

“I want to make sure our city services work like the Apple Store,’’ Connolly shouted out to busy passersby for about an hour this afternoon as he stood outside the Apple Store on Boylston Street.

While many kept walking, a good number of those coming in and out of the store stopped long enough for Connolly to hand them a orange sheet of paper outlining his proposals for overhauling city services to improve efficiency.


Among the proposals, Connolly says he would overhaul the city website and develop one-stop shopping at City Hall for licences and permits.

In shirt and tie, Connolly seemed to have relative success getting potential voters to at least take the literature from him, with some even stopping to hear his full pitch.

One man even came back to the storefront after having walked about half a block so he could compliment Connolly on the proposals listed on the handout.

“Now, show me an iPhone and you’ve got my vote,’’ the man said in jest, testing to see if the candidate’s Apple Store stumping was more than just talk.

Connolly, in turn, reached into his pocket and whipped out his iPhone.

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