Connolly’s first TV ad of general election focuses on education

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In his first television advertisement of the mayoral general election, City Councilor John R. Connolly stuck to the script.

The 30-second ad, titled “Powerful’’ features the candidate’s wife, Meg Connolly, and focuses heavily on his vow to improve city schools if elected — which has been a central theme of his bid for mayor.

“This campaign is all moms, dads, kids from across the city,’’ Meg Connolly says at the start of the ad, highlighting the many young families — specifically mothers — who make up Connolly’s campaign team, which the Globe profiled last week. “He’s just got this team of moms and dads and kids, it’s a great, great machine to have behind you. Probably the most powerful machine that you can have behind you in the city.’’


Connolly, who once led the council’s education committee, talks frequently about his devotion to improving the Boston Public Schools. His talk of reforms and histories of clashes with the school department brass, teachers’ union, and Mayor Thomas M. Menino have earned him ardent supporters and detractors.

The Connolly campaign estimates it has about 200 mothers working as volunteers — knocking on doors and making phone calls. On the stump, Connolly is quick to mention that his daughter Clare attends kindergarten at the Trotter School, a Dorchester public school that was once one of the worst in the city, but is now one of the best.

“I’m John Connolly, and I’ll be your education mayor,’’ Connolly says at the end of the ad.

Connolly’s opponent, state Rep. Martin J. Walsh, has yet to release any TV ads during the general election. However, an outside group that has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for his campaign, recently put one out on his behalf.

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