N.H. legislator won’t back down from controversial comments about women

Screenshot of a Facebook post created by New Hampshire State Rep. Kyle Tasker
Screenshot of a Facebook post created by New Hampshire State Rep. Kyle Tasker –Courtesy of William Tucker/ miscellanyblue.com

New Hampshire State Rep. Kyle Tasker, who is no stranger to controversy, yesterday told WMUR that he would not apologize for posting what some call an explicit graphic online. The graphic, pictured above, seemed to mock women who have suffered at the hands of sexual abuse.

"I didn't mean that as a joke, it was a t-shirt print I thought was pretty ridiculous that someone would wear that around," Tasker said.

The graphic was posted to the Facebook page of the Greater Nashua Tea Party on Monday, March 11.

According to The Concord Monitor, Tasker, a Republican from Nottingham, N.H., said he was coming to the aid of his colleague Rep. Mark Warden of Manchester, N.H., who last year suggested some people may like being in abusive relationships.

"The idea was to show something pretty outrageous to put (Rep. Mark Warden's) comments in perspective," Tasker said yesterday about his post, which included his own comment of, "This one's for you Mark Warden."

When the Facebook post was first publicized earlier this week by miscellanyblue.com, Tasker dismissed the criticism.

"I ran it by the [domestic violence] lobbyist she laughed. Now if we went around wearing the T-shirt that wouldn't go over well."

Tasker sits on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee in New Hampshire’s House of Representatives.


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