Shaheen Releases First Ad in New Hampshire Senate Race

A screenshot from Jeanne Shaheen’s new ad in the new Hampshire US Senate race.
A screenshot from Jeanne Shaheen’s new ad in the new Hampshire US Senate race. –Jeanne Shaheen campaign

New Hampshire US Senator Jeanne Shaheen released her first campaign ad Sunday night, focusing on her efforts to open a veterans’ center in Keene.

Vietnam veteran Dwight Clark narrates the video, explaining how the center was promised but never delivered to Keene for 30 years. Shaheen, a Democrat, worked to get the center open, he said.

The ad, slated to run Sunday night on New Hampshire television, does not mention Republican challenger Scott Brown. The former Massachusetts US Senator moved to New Hampshire in late 2013 and has entered the race for Senate. Brown had his own ad out in April, focusing on him touring the Granite State in his famous truck. Media criticism site Mediaite thought the ad was eerily similar to an ad Brown ran in Massachusetts.


With ads already on the air for an election held in November, experts told the Boston Herald that the Shaheen-Brown race will likely break spending records in New Hampshire.

From the Herald:

"It wouldn't shock me if it topped $50 million," said Dante Scala, a campaign finance expert at the University of New Hampshire. "I suspect the spending on the Senate race will dwarf the New Hampshire Republican primary spending in the 2012 presidential primary. ... In all likelihood this would set a record."

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