Americans of All Parties Agree: Sarah Palin Should Go Away

Four in ten Republicans – yes, Republicans – think Palin should go away.
Four in ten Republicans – yes, Republicans – think Palin should go away. –Carolyn Kaster/AP

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Dislike of Sarah Palin’s constant media presence is a remarkably non-partisan affair, as more than half of registered voters wish she’d be quiet according to a new poll.

54 percent of people surveyed said they wished to hear less from Palin, the poll from The Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Annenberg found. That position was favored by two-thirds of Democrats, a majority of independents, and, most notably – four in 10 Republicans. That’s a sizable group of people from the party that, just a few years ago, supported her nomination for vice president. In this time of increasing political polarization, Americans can agree on one thing: Sarah Palin should just go away.


The survey took place from June 30-July 7, meaning respondents didn’t even have the benefit of reading Palin’s article on Tuesday calling for the impeachment of President Obama, in which she likened America to a “battered wife.’’ She later mocked House Speaker John Boehner’s lawsuit against the President as bringing “a lawsuit to a gunfight.’’

In response, Boehner coldly dismissed Palin’s proposal for impeachment when asked about it by a reporter. “I disagree,’’ he responded to the reporter.

If Boehner wasn’t in that group hoping she’d go away before, he certainly seems to be now.

The NBC News/Journal/Annenberg poll also found that 32 percent of people say they’ve heard enough from former President Bill Clinton.

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