Scott Brown Disavows Supporter Who Wrote Insanely Vulgar Letter

Former U.S. senator Scott Brown.
Former U.S. senator Scott Brown. –Rick Wilking/REUTERS

Scott Brown’s campaign wasted no time running as far as possible from a man they once listed as a supporter of the New Hampshire Republican candidate for US Senate.

BuzzFeed Politics reports that Brown supporter Charles Benzing fired off profanity-laced letters to a New Hampshire Democratic Party staffer last week. The letter, reprinted on BuzzFeed, has to be read to be believed. There pretty much isn’t a single sentence we could reprint in its entirety here, but the following will give you a sense of Benzing’s prose style:

“These four whores have been and will continue to be wrapped up in their fantasies of sucking [racial epithets deleted][expletive deleted] and licking [racial epithets deleted][expletive deleted] and not knowing what is important for the country and their fellow citizens.’’


The Brown campaign, to its credit, told BuzzFeed they “completely disassociate’’ themselves from Benzing. The campaign also scrubbed Benzing’s name off of an online press release that named Benzing a supporter, though BuzzFeed has a screenshot of the original list.

Benzing, for his part, doesn’t seem like a true-blue Brown supporter to begin with. In March, The Concord Monitor spoke with Benzing, who said he did not like Brown’s stance on gun control:

Charles Benzing of Nashua said he doesn’t like Brown’s stance on guns. As a state lawmaker, Brown supported an assault weapons ban in Massachusetts and said last year he would support a federal one, too. Plus, Brown might not make the strongest case for Republicans, Benzing said.

“His (U.S. Senate) race with Elizabeth Warren, he didn’t seem to fight very hard. You know, I’m looking for the Republican Party to start fighting and really pushing back,’’ he said.

But when asked whether he thought Brown was the most likely candidate to beat Shaheen, Benzing asked, “Who are the rest?’’

Click here to read the full BuzzFeed Politics report.

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