Mitt Romney Is Celebrating Chris Christie’s Birthday in New Jersey

–New Jersey GOP

Ex-Massachusetts governor and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney is heading down the shore. He’ll be in New Jersey next month to help the state’s Republican party raise money and celebrate the birthday of its governor, Chris Christie.

According to CNN, Romney will be a “special guest’’ at a September 10 fundraising event/birthday party (Christie turns 52 on September 6) at the East Brunswick Hilton.

It should be noted that while Romney and Christie share a political affiliation, they haven’t always seen eye-to-eye. Last year’s book Double Down, about the 2012 presidential race, claimed that the Romney campaign referred to Christie as “Pufferfish’’ when vetting him as a potential running mate and that Romney himself disapproved of Christie’s weight and tardiness. Christie said at the time that he felt it was a “complete violation of trust of me’’ and “very disappointing’’ that the vetting process had been leaked. He also said Romney called to apologize.


Christie’s birthday party is just one of several fundraising stops for Romney this summer. He visited New Hampshire last month to support Scott Brown’s senatorial campaign. He’ll do the same for candidates in West Virginia, North Carolina and Arkansas later this month, according to The Washington Post, which called him “one of the Republican Party’s most in-demand surrogates.’’

(He also found time during this busy summer to vacation, as well as to post the modern day equivalent of the family vacation slideshow on Medium.)

One thing he won’t be doing this summer, he says, is mulling a third presidential bid. He told The Boston Globe: “I am not running for president. No means no.’’

If you want to see him in action and celebrate Christie’s birthday, you’ll have to pay at least $150 for a general admission ticket, plus the cost of a children’s toy in lieu of a birthday present .

You’ll also have to go to New Jersey.

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