Report: Kennedys Unsure of Whom to Support for President: Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren

Is a presidential primary showdown between US Sen. Elizabeth Warren (left) and Hillary Clinton inevitable or just wishful thinking?
Is a presidential primary showdown between US Sen. Elizabeth Warren (left) and Hillary Clinton inevitable or just wishful thinking? –

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As each major political party prepares to pick a potential presidential candidate for 2016, one name in particular seems to be increasingly on the tongue of some Democrats. And her name is not Hillary Clinton.

Elizabeth Warren, the senior US Senator from Massachusetts, has emerged as a favorite for some members of one of the most diehard Democratic dynasties American politics has ever seen, according to a new report.

The Bay State’s own Kennedy clan is reportedly courting Sen. Warren to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination to run for the president of the United States.

Sen. Warren, who as recently as last month told The Boston Globe that she had no intention of becoming a presidential candidate — at least not for 2016 — has apparently left the Democratic loyalties of the Kennedys a bit split.


The New York Post reported:

The question of whom to back in the 2016 presidential race has split the Kennedys down the middle. Robert Kennedy’s widow, Ethel, and their eldest son, former US Rep. Joe Kennedy II, favor Warren — the darling of the party’s left-wing base who now sits in Ted Kennedy’s old seat — while Bobby Jr. and Max Kennedy remain loyal to Hillary Clinton.

Caroline Kennedy has already expressed in great detail her allegiance to Team Hillary.

The Post goes on to report that both women were recently invited separately to the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port for an “audition’’ of sorts.

Sen. Warren’s camp responded swiftly and unequivocally denied the claims made in the New York Post article. “This story is completely made up,’’ Lacey J. Rose, Sen. Warren’s press secretary, told

Sen. Warren may have endeared herself to the Kennedys for winning the former Senate seat of that family’s patriarch, Ted Kennedy, and ascribing to many of the ideals that the late, veritable “Massachusetts Senator for life’’ championed. She reportedly “came to the compound breathing fire about the need to rein in corporate America.’’

A “Run Liz Run” poster sits on the floor while Sen. Warren spoke in Detroit on July 18. —AP

According to an earlier report, President Barack Obama has given his chief political advisor the green light to coax Warren into running, underscoring the still simmering beef between Clinton and Obama, one-time presidential primary rivals.

Former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank has also reportedly encouraged Sen. Warren to run for president, thought he’s apparently not sure if her efforts would be in vain or not.

On the flip side, some of Sen. Warren’s biggest donors are discouraging her from considering a presidential run, with one supporter in particular saying, “I really like Elizabeth, but if Hillary is in the race it just makes no sense.’’


A poll released last month shows Sen. Warren is trailing Clinton by double-digits for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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