Scott Brown Resorts to Using Politics of Fear in New Ad

Screen shot from Scott Brown’s latest advertisement.
Screen shot from Scott Brown’s latest advertisement. –YouTube

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Fresh off some good polling news in his quest to unseat incumbent Democrat US Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire, Scott Brown is apparently looking to capitalize on that momentum … by taking a page from President George W. Bush’s book of playing into voters’s fears.

In a new online ad released Friday called “Reestablish America,’’ Brown attempts to showcase his foreign policy acumen by capitalizing on the terrorism threat du jour: ISIS.

“ISIS makes al Qaeda look like Boy Scouts,’’ Brown says on the commercial to an audience during one of his “New Hampshire Speaks’’ series of town hall meetings.


Brown uses ISIS to segue into taking a shot at President barack Obama’s initiatives abroad when he says matter of factly that “We have one of the most incoherent foreign policies right now.’’

After providing more examples of the types of threats he says America now faces — including saying that Israel is “being attacked and harassed daily by Hamas’’ — Brown continues trying to instill fear with a string ominous missives, such as:

1) “Our allies don’t trust us; our foes don’t fear or respect us.’’

2) “We’re in trouble.’’

3) “We have a real problem and the best answer is to take back the Senate, reestablish that trust, get our fiscal and financial house in order, and move forward and reestablish those ties with our allies.’’

The ad ends with a rousing standing ovation as the camera pans over the crowd.

See the minute-long commercial below, or here.

The Friday release of the new ad coincided with a series of related statements he reportedly made that same day that were seemingly a nod to Douglas McArthur McCain, the American who died last weekend fighting for ISIS in Syria.

“Congress needs to pass legislation that would strip the citizenship of any American who joins a foreign terrorist organization. We need to keep our country safe by stopping these American ISIS fighters from re-entering the country,’’ Brown said according to Daily Caller.


The sentiments were somewhat of a throwback to 2010 and 2011, when then-US Sen. Brown of Massachusetts proposed two bills with similar language condemning Americans who enlist in foreign terrorist organizations.

The term “politics of fear’’ was associated with George W. Bush’s presidency, which was dominated by foreign conflict and a veritable endless string of worst case scenarios presented to the American people.

That tactic helped get Bush re-elected. Brown is apparently hoping the same will prove true for him.

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