#ImARepublican Social Media Campaign Experiences Epic Failure

A screenshot from the “Republicans are people, too’’ commercial.
A screenshot from the “Republicans are people, too’’ commercial. –YouTube

The same person who made ads for Mitt Romney during the former Massachusetts governor’s failed presidential bid is still apparently trying to work his political media magic.

Vinny Minchillo, who in 2012 said he “reinvented political advertising,’’ has created a new GOP-centric online campaign that aims at shattering stereotypes perceived as being exclusively Democrat.

Minchillo recently launched the “Republicans are people, too’’ initiative — complete with a website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and a humorous YouTube video — that invites card-carrying Republicans to share their stories of how they came to identify with the conservative, right wing of politics.

The social media offensive wants everybody to know that Republicans are not against doing any of the following: driving Priuses; assembling Ikea furniture; reading The New York Times; shopping at Trader Joe’s; or getting a tattoo. Heck, they even like pets. Imagine that! (“Probably dogs a little more than cats,’’ though…)


Another characteristic that the seemingly tongue-in-cheek initiative attempts to dispel is that not all of its members are white. Just most.

“It seems like it’s okay to say mean things about someone just because they’re Republican,’’ reads the written message found on the video’s YouTube page. “That isn’t right. Before you write another mean post about Republicans, remember Republicans are people, too.’’

The campaign mostly revolves around one single hashtag: #ImARepublican. Judging from the response on Twitter, though, it appears that partisan plea has been answered in part by an unintended demographic:

The #ImARepublican tweets continue with increasingly cynical commentary.

Watch the “Republicans are people, too’’ video below, or click here to see it.

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