Gay Couple in Hillary Clinton Ad Invite Her to Their Wedding

Jared Milrad extended a wedding invitation to Hillary Clinton and a guest
Jared Milrad extended a wedding invitation to Hillary Clinton and a guest –Facebook

Hillary Clinton can add a July wedding invite to her busy social calendar.

Two of the stars of her presidential campaign announcement are Nathan Johnson and Jared Milrad, who were featured to highlight the Democratic presidential contender’s support of same-sex couples. The former Boston students and longtime supporters of Clinton want to repay her by inviting her to their big day.

She can even bring a date.

“Well, Hillary shared her big day with us, so we’re doing the same for her,’’ Milrad told “We just posted on Facebook that she and a plus one are invited to our wedding. We would love to be involved in any way possible, whether it’s knocking on doors or phone banking, to help her out. She is committed to earning every vote and we’d be happy to be involved in the coming months.’’


Milrad and Johnson are planning to invite about fifty other people to their July 19 wedding, which will be conveniently located in the former secretary of state’s hometown, Chicago. Really, how could she not attend?

Johnson and Milrad are actively planning for the event: They were shopping for wedding stationary Sunday when they started getting calls and texts about their appearance in the campaign ad.

Johnson works as a healthcare consultant and in quality of life research, while Milrad has his own nonprofit, Civic Legal Corps. Milrad went to Northeastern University Law School in Boston, and Johnson attended Tufts University for a Master’s.

They ended up in the video when a “friend of a friend’’ approached them to be interviewed by Clinton’s digital team about “big life changes,’’ as Jared puts it.

In the video, the pair walk down a street holding hands.

“We’ve heard from people around the world,’’ Milrad said. “She’s focusing on the future and her vision for the country. A very progressive, inclusive vision, for hopefully the next eight years.’’

Added Josh Schwerin, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign: “The video showed a cross-section of everyday Americans who are beginning new things and facing new challenges.’’


But there have also been some negative responses. A Russian TV channel is only airing the advertisement with a warning stamp and 18+ rating.

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