Politics in 2015: Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton wage a Photoshop battle on Twitter

See, it’s like the Hillary “H’’ logo, but sideways, and with the word taxes on it. Get it?
See, it’s like the Hillary “H’’ logo, but sideways, and with the word taxes on it. Get it? –Jeb Bush / Twitter

Presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton – or, at least, their social media teams – duked it out on Twitter on Monday in a debate over student debt that rapidly devolved into a battle of Photoshops.

Early on Monday, Clinton unveiled her proposals to tackle rising student loan debt. By spending $350 billion over 10 years, her plan would make tuition at public colleges payable without loans and allow those struggling with private loans to refinance at lower rates.

Team Clinton tweeted a link to an article explaining her plan along with a graphic showing how much student debt Americans owe.

More than two hours later, Team Bush tweeted an image with a similar design that attempted to place the blame for rising student debt on Democratic leadership in the White House.


Team Clinton replied almost three hours later by crossing out parts of his image and replacing it with a criticism of Florida’s college affordability when Bush was governor. The tweet said Florida was one of 43 states that earned an “F’’ on affordability from the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education in 2006 [PDF].

And then, five hours later, the grand finalé. Team Bush launched the haymaker.

Oh snap. The “H’’ of Clinton’s logo, now made up of the word “TAXES,’’ is flipped to point the arrow up.

That also makes the “H’’ into an “I,’’ but hey, there aren’t clear rules for these types of things yet.

The public fight led to a number of Twitter comebacks from onlookers, including this tweet by BuzzFeed’s Samir Mezrahi.

Only 455 more days until election day!

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