‘Deez Nuts’ takes to Facebook to support Sanders and Kasich

‘Deez Nuts’ endorses himself for the general election, but posted his choices for the Democratic and Republican Presidential bids on his Facebook

The mastermind behind third-party Presidential candidate “Deez Nuts,’’ currently outpolling Republican candidates in some states, is actually a high school sophomore from Iowa, according to Rolling Stone. Now, the joke candidate is using his new-found popularity to endorse Bernie Sanders and John Kasich.

Publicy Policy Polling reported that “Deez Nuts,’’ also known as 15-year-old Brady C. Olson, polled at 9 percent in North Carolina, 8 percent in Minnesota, and 7 percent in Iowa. Since filing as a candidate in late July, the Iowa native has gotten a lot ofmediaattention.

Nuts took to his Facebook page Friday to use his popularity to endorse candidates in the Democratic and Republican parties.


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The teen told Rolling Stone that he chose the giggle inducing name “Deez Nuts’’ to make a statement, “half trying to break the two-party system, half frustration with the front-runners.’’

When he’s not busy updating his campaign website, or fielding questions from various media outlets, he takes online college classes and lives the life of a normal teenager.

When Rolling Stone asked him how far he was willing to continue the campaign he said “as far as America wants to take it.’’

Read the interview where “Deez Nuts’’ takes all the hard hitting questions from Rolling Stonehere.

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