Deval Patrick rules out vice president speculation, touches on Trump’s rise

Former Gov. Deval Patrick has kept a low public profile since leaving office in January.
Former Gov. Deval Patrick has kept a low public profile since leaving office in January. –Stephan Savoia, File / AP

Former Gov. Deval Patrick tamped down any remaining speculation that he would become a vice presidential candidate in an interview with NECN on Monday.

Patrick has largely stayed out of the public spotlight since leaving the governor’s office in January for a job at Bain Capital, where he works on a socially conscious form of investing called “impact investing.’’

In what was billed as his first TV interview since January, reporter Alison King asked Patrick about the odd speculation from September that said President Obama would endorse Joe Biden for president if Biden chose Patrick as his vice president.


“I read that!’’ Patrick said, laughing. “Is that the wildest thing you ever heard?’’

Is there any truth to that? King asked.

“Oh gosh, I can’t imagine,’’ Patrick said.

“But you wouldn’t rule out being a vice presidential candidate if called on or asked?’’ King asked.

“Yes I would. Yes I would,’’ Patrick said.

Patrick also touched on his view of the Republican presidential candidates, and, of course, Donald Trump.

“I’m fascinated by Donald Trump. He’s tapped an anxiety that is at large, I think, in the larger community around economic insecurity, terrorism, differences, and change,’’ Patrick said. “I think in some ways all of the candidates, Republican and Democrat, have tapped that. I think that he’s doing that in a particular fear-mongering way. Not a very constructive way.’’

Any predictions on Trump’s future, Governor?

“I may be one of the few, but I think there’s a real possibility he could be the nominee.’’

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