Report: Former Sen. Scott Brown to endorse Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Scott Brown together at a campaign rally in Portsmouth, NH.
Donald Trump and Scott Brown together at a campaign rally in Portsmouth, NH. –Brian Snyder / Reuters

Former U.S. Senator Scott Brown will endorse Donald Trump for president at a rally in New Hampshire on Tuesday night, The Washington Post reports citing two people familiar with the event.

The support comes after Trump came in a disappointing second place in the Iowa caucus on Monday night. Brown’s endorsement will be the first for Trump from any current or former senator.

There were hints that Brown would endorse Trump. At a rally in Portsmouth, N.H. two weeks ago, Brown introduced Trump as “the next president of the United States.’’

Trump, in return, floated the idea of Brown as a vice presidential pick.


“Vice president – hey, that sounds like it could, hey, hey, very good,’’ Trump said. “You know what? And he’s central casting. Look at that guy.’’

After spending half of a decade in the Massachusetts state senate, Brown was elected to the U.S. Senate in a 2010 special election to fill the seat long occupied by Ted Kennedy. Two years later, the Republican lost a senate race to Elizabeth Warren.

Brown then reestablished residence in New Hampshire and ran for the senate there in 2014, but lost to Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. He has since established the “No B.S. Backyard Barbecue,’’ a series of town halls he has hosted with Republican presidential candidates.

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