Larry David and Bernie Sanders unite for a ‘Bern’-themed Saturday Night Live

Bernie Sanders didn’t live tweet this Republican debate; he had another live commitment Saturday night.

With Sanders-impresario Larry David hosting Saturday Night Live the weekend before the New Hampshire primary, the Vermont senator himself made a cameo.

But not before David infused his acclaimed Sanders impression with his one of his TV creations.

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“Bern Your Enthusiasm’’ merged David’s awkward, neurotic portrayal of himself from his HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm with his depiction of the Vermont senator, making for a presidential candidate that rankles his peers and ultimately loses the Iowa caucuses because of his germaphobia.


It wasn’t until later in the show, in an apolitical sketch, that Sanders made his appearance.

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“I am so sick of the 1 percent getting this preferential treatment,’’ he said, injecting his inequality message to solve a lifeboat dispute. “Enough is enough. We need to unite and work together, if we’re all going to get through this.’’

David’s self-pronounced wealthy character replied that the idea sounded “like socialism to me.’’

“Democratic socialism,’’ Sanders clarified in his pronounced Brooklyn accent. “Yuge difference.’’

Confounded by this new character, David asked Sanders who he was.

“I am Bernie Sanderswitsky,’’ he said. “But we’re going to change it when we get to America, so it doesn’t sound quite so Jewish.’’

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Having been portrayed multipletimes on SNL by David, Sanders stuck around Saturday night to later deliver his own take of the Seinfeld co-creator.

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Meanwhile during the show, the real Sanders’ campaign Twitter account made a slight change to its avatar.

Something’s different here.

Though he had to fly back to New Hampshire to campaign Sunday, Sanders stayed for the 1 a.m. closing of the show.


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