Mitt Romney says Donald Trump ‘probably most likely’ to be GOP nominee at this point

Mitt Romney criticizes current Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a speech Thursday. Jim Urquhart / REUTERS

As much as he doth protest, Mitt Romney admitted Sunday that Donald Trump is “probably most likely to be the Republican nominee at this point.’’ In an interview with CNN’s Gloria Borger, Romney said Trump has the momentum on his side.

“At this stage, we say, all right, he could easily become the nominee, probably most likely to be the Republican nominee at this point,’’ he said. “But I think there’s a better choice out there.’’

Romney reiterated that he expects to endorse, but not until after the cluster of primaries in the next two weeks, and encouraged Republican voters to choose the best anti-Trump option, depending on the state.

“Marco Rubio is the right person in Florida,’’ he said. “John Kasich is the right person in Ohio, and Ted Cruz is right anywhere where he’s leading right now or where he’s closest to Donald Trump.’’

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Romney has become increasingly vocal in his opposition to Trump, who leads all other GOP presidential candidates in primary delegates. He said he couldn’t imagine supporting Trump, or Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, in a general election.

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The former Massachusetts governor and two-time Republican presidential candidate added that he doesn’t consider himself part of the so-called “establishment,’’ which Trump so often rails against.

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“I think everybody that someone is opposed to becomes establishment,’’ he said. “The term anti-establishment is a very popular term. So, I don’t call myself establishment. I don’t think others do either that want to have the support of fellow Republicans. They may say they’re mainstream and they’re conservative. But Donald Trump is not Republican in any sense of the word.’’


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