Ernie Boch Jr. on why to vote Trump: ‘It’s only four years!’

What could go wrong?

Ernie Boch Jr. held a fundraiser for Donald Trump last August.

Ernie Boch Jr. was one of Donald Trump’s earliest and most prominent supporters in his run for president.

But for the second time in the past month, Boch’s case to vote for Trump has been to promote him in mild terms.

In an interview on Fox Business on Tuesday, Boch was asked why he was telling voters to choose Trump in the Republican primary.

“It’s time for a guy like this in the White House,’’ Boch said. “It’s only four years! Let’s give him a shot.’’

Host Dagen McDowell noted that four years was enough time for President Obama to pass Obamacare, for example.

“Right, well, that’s the chance you take,’’ Boch said.

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Boch’s why not-like case for voting Trump fits in with his remarks last month, when he told CNN that voting is like choosing which girl “you have to go home with’’ at 2 a.m. at a bar.

“If you’re single, you understand this. It’s the end of the night, you want to go home with somebody. The bar is about to close. You have to pick somebody,’’ Boch said. “If you line up all of the candidates with their positives and negatives, I think Mr. Trump is the man.’’

McDowell also criticized that analogy on Tuesday’s interview.

“Ernie, at last call at a bar, the other option that many people choose is going home with no one,’’ she said. “Going home alone rather than getting in the sack with somebody who you’re not very attracted to. So I don’t know—’’


“You have to vote,’’ Boch said, interrupting.

“Actually, people can choose not to vote,’’ she said, as Boch shook his head. “If you’re a Trump supporter, is that you’re concern at this point, that people go to the polls and say ‘I’m not voting for either’? Or, ‘I’m voting for Hillary’?’’

“I think if you’re gonna go to the polls, you are going to vote,’’ Boch said. “I think Mr. Trump has brought people out that normally don’t vote.’’

Boch has been in Trump’s camp since last August, when he held a fundraiser at his Norwood mansion for the businessman. In addition, he tried to donate almost $87,000 to Trump’s campaign for the cost of the event, which was about $84,000 more than the legal limit.

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